Friday, December 3, 2010

Barracks Pillow Fights


When I was in Medic School at FT Sam Houston in the 80's I remember one weekend coming back to base on Sunday finding about 20 soldiers male and female were doing hard time for the 1st Sergeant. Information on what happened was easy to get because article 15's were posted on the bulletin board for all to see.

Apparently on Friday night when we were released a bunch of soldiers had an impromptu pillow fight in second floor of the empty WWII barracks. One of the rooms had a pile of down-filled pillows. The pillow fight started benignly enough until someone hit a nail on the wall with their pillow sending a shower of feathers everywhere. Apparently this became the main event as more and more pillows were eviscerated. Eventually there was a layer of feathers covering the barracks from one end to the other.

Unfortunately for the participants, as things were winding down the 1st Sergeant was walking out of his office and noticed flashlights in the windows of the empty barracks. He made his way over, switched on the lights and discovered the mayhem. He was so angry he couldn't speak for a moment. 20 people with deer in the headlights looks awaited his tirade. They were not disappointed. It took hours to clean up the mess, since the feathers seemed to enjoy being free. Pass was canceled for all involved and the 1st Sergeant had a substantial workforce for his company beautification and painting committee.

Here's a video of a big pillow fight at the US Military Academy at West Point. That's what I want on my LOD "patient was participating in pillow fight and was struck in the face by an unknown object breaking his nose"

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